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Moritz Ruff


Studied business informatics at KIT                                        Consultant for large enterprises


"In my day-to-day business as a management consultant, there is little scope for implementing sustainable and forward-looking projects. Ever since my friend Adrian Monteleone approached me about the project, I've been on fire for PolymerActive. Together, we received the EXIST start-up grant in July 2021 and PolymerActive was able to get off the ground. I see future potential in this up-and-coming company: the technology is as simple as it is ingenious." - Moritz


Dr. Adrian Monteleone


B.Sc. Moleculare und technical medicin
M.Sc. Medical Diagnostic Technologies, M. Sc. Technical Physician


"I want to declare war on the (plastic) waste in our world and make tomorrow's world a little bit cleaner.For me, practice and research go hand in hand.My area of expertise is the toxicology of microplastics, I am a scientist, a trained biotechnologist and a specialist in health and social services.I contribute my broad-based expertise to the scientific development of our start-up. PolymerActive gives my ideas a space in which they can become reality and I can create real solutions for tomorrow." -Adrian